DEWALT 20v Hedge Trimmer, Model- DCHT820P1 Review

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/5 on December 25, 2016

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Exactly! Not an even a bit of exaggeration. But nothing beats a tremendous experience the clients has reviled over the review of DEWALT 20v hedge trimmer.

Maybe, you might you might doubt. Because you are used to your the old, bulky, needless to say noisy ‘gassy’ trimmer.

Admittedly, such kind of trimmers do not only impact on your health and become hazardous to anything, environment, and anyone you love including yourself but also they are costly. And therefore, they are not worth your dime.

You should know- How to Use Hedge Trimmer?

Key Features

Design Simplification

When you imagine about simplicity, you should think of; less is more. And the less you get, the more your gains.

That’s why DEWALT 20v hedge trimmer adopts a pure relative lightweight equipment yellow in color for vibrancy to ensure that your hedge beauty will be nothing more than a match for its sophisticated design.

You Will Appreciate Its lightweight and compactness when you compare it with competing trimmers.

With the size of 7.87 x 9.42 x 38.66 inches, it is compact enough to weigh only 11.5 pounds. A decent combination of lightweight and power. You can think it this way. No more swollen hands, back pain, and ridiculous muscle strain.

Furthermore, let us put a consideration of maneuverability. You simply don’t have to drag around a corded trimmer with you and no more gas cans around – who knows what a kid can do with it when you are busy trimming.

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DEWALT 20v Hedge Trimmer, DEWALT Hedge Trrimmer 20v Review

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Nothing Beats Power

The vast pool of power is control. And whoever has power has influence. DEWALT 20v hedge trimmer is not limited to either control and ‘power.’ It is built to match the balance of energy and mighty.

Its powerful motor has received tons of praise for cutting a 3/4-inches branch. And no wonder it can drive deep to the extent of a 22-inch thicket – making it the ultimate choice for your thick hedge.

Unlike the other type of trimmers, this one has a razor sharp double edge blade. Back and forth moment – chewing bushes with vigor at an exceptional rate. The result is more productivity and time saving, leaving you to deal with nothing but more compelling matters.

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Performance and Battery

Having the disappointment of battery failure and poor and weak equipment sucks.You can also imagine the hustle of pulling the cords and carrying around a gas can. It might be what you prefer. But, I know deep in your mind, you want something more.

And that is DEWALT hedge trimmer 20v. On the fly with no extra penny, you get a superb 5amp 20v of battery power. One client put it plainly, ‘What previously took me 2.5 hours to complete with my corded trimmer took just 45 minutes using this cordless trimmer’.

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What Customers Say About DEWALT 20v Hedge Trimmer

A lot of good praises. You can imagine the power, control, and bills you can save with this equipment. A whole reality for a green hedge.

list of the Benefits Pointed by The Clients

  • No Extension Cords – You gain it from the use of 5amp 20v of battery power.
  • Double moving razor-sharp blade – It is suitable for cutting thick bush and also it makes your work fast and easy.
  • Heavy duty 5amp battery – the battery is also lightweight and durable.
  • Cheap – if cheap is defined, it will be in the context of this particular trimmer. It covers all your needs for nothing but a fair price.
  • A good guarantee coverage – You will receive a whopping 3-years guarantee.
  • Less noisy – unlike gas type, DEWALT 20v Hedge Trimmer is relatively quieter, saving your neighbors from annoying noises. Always, there is something to bother.

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A Short List What Clients Think DEWALT 20v Hedge Trimmer is Not Conforming

  • Although, we pride with a lightweight product. The weight is relative, especially when it comes to men who find it very light but not that friendly to ladies. You may want to consider this one here Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer as the alternative.
  • Though it is a durable battery, over time it will wear out. And that it is a fact we all face. In fact, we all fade out. That’s why we advise you to be prepared to buy a replacement in future.

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Our Verdict

The review of DEWALT hedge trimmer 20v is overwhelming. The tool is fantastic, it delivers what it promises, no shoddy features that do not work.

Therefore, we feel with all it provides – powerful performance, double razor sharp blade, and its flexibility due to cordless – will make you appreciate this tool.

I bet you will also want to leave us the review of DEWALT 20v hedge trimmer. We promise you; it will turn out to be your ultimate choice for your hedge manicure. Read Here Hedge Trimmer Safety Tips 

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