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How to Use Hedge Trimmer?

How to Use Hedge Trimmer?

A lot of people need to know how to use hedge trimmer? Using a hedge trimmer does not have to be hard and you just need to get the right information at the right time. We are going to talk a little bit about how to use hedge trimmer. So read on to find out more.

How to Use Hedge Trimmer?

Power Supply

You have to connect the hedge trimmer to any power supply out there. The extension cord should be a 3-prong safety-rated one, and it should provide the item around a 3-feet movement as the user has to reach upward.

Remember that the blades should be in front and up, and the item should be behind you at all times as well. You have to do this when you are just trimming your hedge. Since how to use hedge trimmer is easy, you can do this in no time.

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How to Use Hedge Trimmer?

The Shape

You have to make up your mind about the shape you need for your hedge. You need to re-shape any fast-grown hedge in September and July, and any evergreen hedge in the last part of the summer. You must also keep other things in mind before using your trimmer.

For instance, you have to use a trimmer at its lower speed. You need to do this till you are familiar with the vibration, movement, and other characteristics of the machine. Learning how to use hedge trimmer is easy if you follow these steps.

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Two Hands

You need to grasp the machine with the two hands, and that’s not an option at all for anyone that wants to know how to use hedge trimmer. If you want to get a square-topped hedge, you have to move your hedge trimmer just sideways with the machine`s blades flat right along the top of the hedge.

This will allow you to groom your hedge just evenly to the appropriate height. Removing any unwanted growth from the hedge`s sides is good, and you just need to glide your hedge trimmer upward right from its bottom to the machine`s top.

Not Inward

Remember that you can learn how to use hedge trimmer easily. You don’t have to trim inward just close to the bottom of the hedge. You can create any rounded top if you want to. To do it, you just have to trim with an upward stroke.

This strike should be around 3 inches from the top of your hedge. Now you just have to slope the blades of your hedge trimmer right from your body. You need to create a curve right on a truly slight angle. The other side of your hedge should be important sloped cut.

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Thin Out Any Excess Growth

You will quickly see what twisted branches and excess growth need to be thinned right away if you have cleaned and shaped the edge`s outside. Use your pruning shears to trim right inside the hedge, and you should also put on some work gloves right away. If you want to promote the growth of the branches, you have to trim dead branches off.

Sweep Up

Gather up all the twigs and hedged branches that you have just trimmed. You can use a lawn rake to accomplish this task in no time. Then you can use a wheelbarrow so you put them all in right away. You can bag your hedge trimmings in any waste bag after you have rolled it down to any curb. This will allow you to avoid carrying any full bag out there.

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You must trim the edge to a degree where you can also reach them safety from any ground out there. Don’t trip any hedge top by using a stepladder, which might be a little bit dangerous to you down the road as well. If it is raining, you should avoid using any kind of electric hedge trimmer as well.

You also need to prevent the sun from scorching any raw branch ends. To achieve this goal, you can trim late in any afternoon or just early in the morning. Though the use of hedge trimmer is just easy, you have to practice.

After Cutting

If you are done cutting your hedges, you need to clean the hedge trimmer right away. This is very important because debris and sap from any bush might happen to be stuck in any tooth and blade.

If you leave debris and sap on your machine, you will find it more difficult to do the job over time. You should now use a suitable work surface and turn the machine off.

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Final Word

If you want to know how to use hedge trimmer, just follow the tips above. You need to follow these tips so you can get what you want. The use of hedge trimmer is also useful for anyone looking to make any place look better. You Should Know Hedge Trimmer Safety Tips

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