Privacy Policy

We at understand that when you’re online, you want to be as private and protected as possible. You certainly don’t want anything you have to be taken and used without your permission. Therefore, we have developed this policy statement to explain how we use your information.

Be sure to read this before using By using our site, you are directly agreeing with this statement.

Log Files

We use log files from our visitors. These list details on things like IP addresses, browsers that people access this site through, online service providers, when they visit, where they came here from and so forth. We use this information to get full analytics on who comes to our site so we can figure out what can be done to improve upon it. All log files that we collect do not include your identifying information in terms of specifically who you are or why you are on the site.


We use cookies to store data on how you use this site and what pages you access on it. These are stored in your browser and are used to help you get to different parts of our page with ease.

Third Party Links

We have a few links that go from our site to third party pages. This is all out of your convenience. We are not responsible for any privacy policies relating to those pages.

Data Security

Your information will be secured within our database. This occurs when you send information that personally identifies you to us. This is to keep your data secure. We utilize various physical and virtual methods of security to ensure that your data is kept secure and not at risk of being broken into or leaked in any manner.

Opt-In and Opt-Out

You can choose to opt-in to regular updates from us. You can send your email address to us to get updates. You also have the right to opt-out of those updates if you prefer.

Policy Changes

We have the right to change our privacy policy in any way that we see fit. We will update this page in the event that we do so. Anyone who subscribes to our emails will also be informed. Any personal data you send to us will not be used in any manner in the process. Be sure to review this page on occasion to see if any changes might have been made.

Contact us for additional information at if you have any further questions you wish to ask about our privacy policy.