BLACK+DECKER LHT2220 20V Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer Review

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/5 on December 13, 2016

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The festive season is here, and you will surely want your hedge looking neat. Look no further than the black+ Decker 20v, 22 Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer if you want professional looking results. The Black+Decker LHT 2220 is highly recommended for it rates well in most Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer Review.

Key Features

Here are two features that make the Black+Decker LHT 2220 superior

A Powerful 20v Lithium-Ion Battery

The essence of a trimmer being cordless is portability. With a cordless trimmer, you can cut hedges comfortably without the restricting impact of a cord.

The Black+ Decker LHT 2220 comes with a powerful 20 volts Lithium Ion battery. This powerful battery earns this trimmer most points In Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer Reviews.

This Lithium ion hedge trimmer review indicate that, battery delivers enough power for most of your trimming needs without the need to recharge.

It is light weight and craftily concealed within the trimmer frame. The battery’s capacity guarantees you uninterrupted run-time for up to five hours. Get this amazing trimmer and revitalize your hedge trimming experienceBLACK+DECKER LHT2220 20V Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer Review

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Strong 22 Inch Dual Blades

The Black+ Decker LHT 2220 comes with robust dual 22 inch long blades. These blades deliver the power and precision needed to cut through larger branches.

They also cut more smoothly than single action blades with 50% less vibration. Less vibration means that you can cut for longer without discomfort. Try out this Top rated Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer today and experience its dual blade power.

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  • A powerful, fast charge 20v Li-Ion battery with up to 3000 sq ft single charge trimming
  • A cordless portable design for ease of use and comfort
  • Strong 22-inch steel fiber dual action blades that cut smoothly into branches
  • A full-length trigger embodies in a soft grip for comfortable use and maneuverability
  • A soft and comfortable front handles for good control and comfort. The handle gives you control during both horizontal and vertical trimming

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Customer Reviews & Scores

Customer reviews matter. They are an honest and unbiased evaluation of a product. The LHT 2220 has positive reviews amazon and most other reputable websites.

Customers have confidently stated that the LHT 2220 as a good trimmer in Amazon Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer Reviews. There is no major performance or safety concerns highlighted.

However, some customers have expressed minor concern over the recommended blade sharpening intervals. They blades need to be sharpened after every fifty hours. This is just what the manual says, but depending on your trimming style, you can do more.

One hundred hours without sharpening is not impossible with ordinary trimming. Sharpening the blades should also not worry you for it is simple and effortless.

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What You Find in The Box Once You Purchase The LHT 2220?

In your LHT 2220 box, you find

  • The cordless hedge trimmer
  • The XR20 20 volt battery
  • The LCS 20 battery charger
  • A user manual with operating instructions

Physical Features

The trimmer is orange in color, weighs only 5.9 pounds. It comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. Customers in every Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer Review liked this extended warranty duration. It gives them peace of mind as they use the trimmer.

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Final Verdict

The LHT 2220 is a professional hedge trimmer that is designed with your needs in mind. It combines numerous performance and comfort features to give you a lifetime trimming experience.

It is clearly evident from the Lithium Ion Best Hedge Trimmer Reviews above that this cordless trimmer is a performer. After reading this Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer Review you now know why the LHT 2220 is the best.

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