Toro 51490, 22-Inch Corded Hedge Trimmer Reviews

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/5 on December 14, 2016

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Corded Hedge trimmers are the best for overgrown hedges. Overgrown hedges are tough and can be a challenge for cordless trimmers. The Toro 51490 Corded Hedge Trimmer is reputable due to its excellent performance.  An analysis of Corded Hedge Trimmer Reviews identifies these two as its most superior features-

Key Features

A Powerful 4 Amp, 120 Volts Motor

The Toro 51490 comes with at 4 amp motor. This electric motor is designed to generate enough torque to cut through branches up to 9/16 inches thick. It runs on 120 volts A.C current. It is smooth and for comfortable trimming.

The motor is attached to a handy cord with a lock system. The Corded Hedge Trimmer Reviews indicate that this lock system prevents disruptive connections. You thus have less to worry about as you move around with the trimmer.

The cord is relatively long and can stretch to thirty meters of length. You can, therefore, work on those far away hedges more conveniently.Toro 51490, 22-Inch Corded Hedge Trimmer Reviews

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Strong 22-inch Dual Action Blades

The Toro 51490 uses a set of two powerful heavy duty blades. The Toro 51490 owes its excellent performance to these strong blades. Their long length gives them the power and precision to devour large branches.

Their dual action mechanism on the other hand significantly reduces vibrations. Reduced vibrations boost your comfort. As a customer in one of the Corded Hedge Trimmer Reviews states the Toro 51490 effortlessly ravages through overgrown hedges leaving a smile on your face.

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  • A powerful 4 amp, 120 volt electric motor with a cord lock system to prevent disruptions
  • Strong 22-inch steel cutting bar and blades for more power
  • A dual action cutting system to reduce vibrations and enhance precision
  • Two years manufacturer warranty on all parts
  • Sleek design with measurements of 8 inches by 8 inches by 36 inches
  • Comfortable soft handle to minimize discomfort and fatigue during cutting

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Customer Reviews & Score

“Customer reviews matter a great deal. They help other customers make informed shopping decisions. The Toro 51490 has positive reviews on amazon and myriad of other reputable websites. In all the Corded Hedge Trimmer Reviews we looked into the customers were satisfied.”

“Here are some of the praises they showered the Toro 51490 Corded Hedge Trimmer with. Lowly priced, high quality and powerful: it offers value for money.”

“Powerful motor: the power of this motor is amazing, I cut effortlessly through blackberry vines and Deep weeds.”

“Agile: you simply cannot overpower this Trimmer. Comfortable and safe to use: comes with a soft handle and a long cord with a lock system for safety.”

“On the negative, a customer criticized the cutting string in one Corded Hedge Trimmer Review. The customer’s Trimmer lets out the string, within the first five minutes every time it started from a stop.”

“However, after acquiring a cyclone cutting string that last longer the problem was solved.From these reviews, we thus would strongly recommend the Toro 51490 for your purchase.”

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Product Description

The Toro 51490 comes in either black or silver color. It weighs only 8.3 pounds and measures 8x8x 36 inches. Customers like its light weight and sleek design. They have rated the Toro 51490 has a good rating in every single Corded Hedge Trimmer Review.

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Final Verdict

The Toro 51490 is a professional corded hedge trimmer that guarantees you performance and durability. Its powerful motor, dual action blades, and sleek design will amaze you. In our opinion, the Corded Hedge Trimmer Reviews on amazon don’t lie. It is a good trimmer that guarantees you value for money.

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