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When is The Best Time to Trim Hedges?

When is the Best Time to Trim Hedges

Each of us has different preferences on what kind of plants, trees, or shrubs we want our hedges to be made of. And we all wanted to keep them healthy and looking sharp at all times as much as possible. But did you know that cutting of hedges cannot be done as much as we wanted to? Because not all kinds of hedges can be cut off at the same time of the year. If that is so, then when is the best time to trim hedges by using hedge trimmer tool?

When is the Best Time to Trim Hedges

When is The Best Time to Trim Hedges?

New Hedges

If your hedges are still young, formative pruning is required to make sure that your hedge will grow in your desired shape. And the best time to cut hedges is within the first couple of years after planting, usually during winter or spring.

Afterwards, maintenance trimming should be carried out once a year for informal hedges and two or three times a year for formal hedges. This kind of trimming is usually done between spring and summer by using the best hedge trimmer.

Beech Hedges

Beeches grow fast in the early time of the year. The best time to trim hedges made from beech is during the month of August. In case the hedges grow too high, cut back in mid-winter to avoid very cold trimming session.

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Evergreen Hedges

The formative pruning must be done during spring with regular intervals for the first two years. Afterwards, the best time to trim hedges made from evergreen is during the summer season to keep it in shape.

Yew Hedges

The best time to cut hedges of made from yew is once a year during the month of August or September while the pruning is in April if they get too large.

The hedges should always have some green leaves to fuel the plant as it grows; hence doing a consecutive trimming on each side each year will be good.

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Privet Hedges

Privet hedges grow faster than any other hedges. In fact, the more it is cut, the more it becomes dense. Therefore, the best time to cut hedges is twice a year between May and August. You may also trim the hedges in April to reduce the size.

Escallonia Hedges

Escallonia is a flowering plant that usually blooms during the month of June. If you prefer a formal hedge, cut it twice a year and the best time to trim hedges is in May and in late August. However, if you want it to be an informal hedge, do the trimming after its flowering month in June.

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Laurel Hedges

Laurel plant has large leaves and trimming its hedge may look unpleasant. However, the best time to cut hedges is once a year, in July or August.

Then, take away the damaged leaves using secateurs to maintain the healthy and attractive look of the hedges. Cutting back may be done during spring to reduce the size in case of overgrown hedges.

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Final Verdict

Regular trimming should be done on hedges to maintain its healthy growth. However, you should be reminded that there is always the best time to trim hedges relative to the kind of plants you used. Timing is important if you want to keep your hedge useful and beautiful for a long period of time. Check Out How to Use Hedge Trimmer Properly?

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