Toro Hedge Trimmer Review, Model- 51494, Cordless 22-Inch 20-Volt Lithium-ion Battery

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The Toro Hedge Trimmer comes with a 20V battery and a 22-inch cutting bar. It has hard steel blades which are capable of cutting through 9-16 inch thick branches. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Read this Toro hedge trimmer Review further to know more about it.

Key Features

Reaches Hard-to-reach Areas

Now firstly, the trimmer is specially designed to access the hedges easily and reach parts where other trimmers can’t. You can even rotate its handle at 90 degrees to trim vertical hedges and shrubs.

Yes, this is because of the length of its blades. Normally, you have to make a lot of effort even just to trim a simple shrub. But with this trimmer, at least this kind of hassle is eliminated.

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Toro Hedge Trimmer Review, Model- 51494

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Comfortable Grip

Secondly, the trimmer has a work grip handle. It means that you get maximum comfort while doing work with this trimmer. Plus, you don’t get fatigue that you usually get from a normal trimmer.

Your hands have been designed to work for a normal amount of time. However, this kind of work takes more of that. This is the reason why Toro hedge trimmer is suitable for people who get tired quickly.

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  • Battery powered hedge trimmer
  • Is a cordless trimmer
  • Comes with a 20V Li-Ion battery
  • Can cut through 19-16 inch branches
  • Comes with a soft handle grip

Above are some prominent features that were mentioned in other Toro hedge trimmer reviews.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

“Most of the people read customer reviews in order to judge the product. Just because you can’t check and feel it when buying online, you really can’t make an estimate.”

“We check Toro hedge trimmer reviews on Amazon. Most of the people had given the product 5-star rating. One of the Toro hedge trimmer review stated that the product has a strong performance.”

“Another of the Toro hedge trimmer reviews mentioned that the equipment is pretty good. The product overall had a good rating and you can go for it without a doubt.”

“The product is a very decent one for its price. However, one Toro Hedge Trimmer review also pointed out that the first start of the product was not good. The blade could not handle small branches.”

“Every mechanical item takes time to run smoothly and this is the case with the hedge trimmer as well. Apart from that, all the reviews were normal and some users really suggested to go for the product.”

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Physical Properties

The trimmer comes in a single red color and has a size of 11 x 8 x 42. The blade is around 22 inch long and the customers are quite satisfied with that.

Another Toro Hedge Trimmer review by the customer stated that its strength and best feature is the length of its blade.

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Hedge Trimming Tips

How to Use Electric Hedge Trimmer

hedge trimmer safety tips

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Final Verdict

So, the trimmer causes less vibration and is perfect for home use. You can trim a decent amount of hedges and shrubs without much effort. Plus, the trimmer is quite lightweight and does not make much noise. We hope this Toro Hedge Trimmer Review was useful and that it does fair to the product so you can buy it if you like.

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