Commercial Grade Tanaka HTS-2526PF Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer Review

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/5 on January 14, 2017

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Strength and might come to those who can wilt the power. And the most powerful Hedge Trimmers are nothing but the most reliable gas driven trimmers. Sadly, not all gas trimmers emerge to be the best. For you have to take caution, research, and detail the gas powered hedge trimmer review to get out with the highest quality in the market.

For this article, we are going to consider Tanaka HTS-2526PF Commercial Grade Gas powered hedge trimmer review. Top rated, robust, and vigorous with excellent flexibility and efficiency, which commands for strength. And, if you can wilt it, then you have all might!

With no further ado, here are the strengths of the best gas powered hedge trimmer review – Tanaka HTS-2526PF.

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Key Features

Accommodating Design Concept

For a gas power hedge trimmer, like Tanaka HTS-2526PF, design and handling matters. With its bulky weight packed at a dimension of 47 x 12.8 x 10.8 inches amounting to a total shipping weight of 18.2 pounds, the trimmer is flexible enough for ease of maneuverability. Commercial Grade Tanaka HTS-2530PF Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer Review

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It comes with two padded handles bars for ease in handling – an adjustable front hand and a back fixed handle attached to a 4-point anti-vibration system. Both aims at bringing safety and ease of handling.

We also found the approach to a three simplified colors theme – dark blade, dark handles, while cased engine and dark-orangy parts – driving aesthetics though a complex product.

Finally, although not that elegant, and accustomed to a dual blade trimmers. The trimmer pride itself from a sharp one side dual reciprocating blades to allow you perform heavy-duty trimming, unlike any gas powered hedge trimmer we have reviewed. And that leads us to power performance.

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Power Performance Features

When you need more trimming power, then the answer boils down to one of the many gas powered hedge trimmers but not limited to Tanaka HTS-2526PF.

The trimmer has a two-stroke low emission engine of 24 cc that drives an incredible power and energy matching a 1.3 h.p. – No wonder it has passed the C.A.R.B. Tier II compliance.

Moreover, with its 30inch single sided dual reciprocal blades you are certain to subdue your hedge to nothing but a magnificently sculpt of a fence.

Safety Features

By running through other gas powered hedge trimmer review, you will want to re-thing about them and give a qualification to Tanaka HTS-2526PF.

Due to its excellent design and safety measures, you are sure to pay for quality plus safety. The trimmer comes packed with the powerful handling system of finely crafted soft-padded handles with high flexibility.

A feature that prevents you from getting swollen hands, and forget about backache pain due to its front flexible handle, padded grips, and a 4-point vibration reduction feature.

A guarantee to drive comfort with both low-level and above the shoulder trimming without toning down your muscles.

Furthermore, with its C.A.R.B. Tier II compliance, you are entirely covered from supper environmental hazard fumes emission. Meanwhile, allowing you to achieve low maintenance and needless to say fast startup.

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  • Gas powered hedge trimmer
  • 24 cc two-stroke engine
  • 30-inch blades
  • 4-point anti-vibration system
  • Have warranty
  • Product weight 18.2 pounds

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What Were the Customers Sentiments?

Well, there are some features they liked and the other they did not. Here is a comprehensive list of both the pros and cons of Tanaka HTS-2526PF.

A list of the likes

  1. “Low fumes emission – Great at conserving the environment as well keeping you healthy at bay.”
  2. “Starts easily – unlike any other competing gas engines, Tanaka HTS-2526PF has an excellent reputation for ease of start.”
  3. “Low maintenance cost – due to its low emission technology the trimmer offers ease of maintenance.”
  4. “High power delivery – with power comes speed of trimming, thanks to its 24cc, 1.3 h.p, and a dual clunky reciprocating blade.”
  5. “Adjustable padded Handle – bye bye to bliss, and back pains due to adjustable, and padded handles.”
  6. “Vibration reduction – due to a big engine with great power, you might be fooled that vibrations will be part of the package. But here is the clarification, Tanaka HTS-2526PF has a 4-point anti-vibration reduction system to drive comfort to your muscles.”

We would love it to be perfect, but it just can’t. Therefore, here are the imperfections from Tanaka HTS-2526PF

  1. “In comparison to the counterpart electric and battery trimmers, the trimmer demands a dip dig into the pocket. Justified by, low fuel emissions and the power performance package. I bet non of the non-gas can match it.”
  2. “Bulky and weighty though a robust tool. We also would love to see some shed-off of weight so as to fit every user.”

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Our Verdict

The Tanaka HTS-2526PF is a solid equipment with a high gas powered hedge trimmer review in the market. With the performance of a 24cc two-stroke engine that drives a 1.5 h.p, low-emission technology, and powerful handling system with adjustable and anti-vibration padded handles, the tool is an ultimate worker.

That’s why it will find comfort among well build users with the need of a professional commercial tool for dense hedge sculpting. Nothing beats experience, therefore try it, and we promise you-you will not be dismayed. You should know Safety Tips When Use Hedge Trimmer.

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