Remington Hedge Trimmer Review, Model No- RM4522TH (With Titanium Blades)

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How do you want a trimmer to be? Lightweight, balanced and working like a charm? Yes, the Remington RM4522TH hedge trimmer has got it all. It is more than a trimmer; it is your trimming partner for life. Is this an exaggerated Remington hedge trimmer review? Well! Read further and find out yourself.

Key Features

Dual Action Blades

The trimmer comes with dual action blades that when turned against branches can wipe them out like a charm. Yes, the Remington trimmers can cut branches that are inches thick.

Plus, its blades have been coated with titanium. This is because the steel ones lose the sharpness and become worn out pretty easily.

Remington Hedge Trimmer Review, Model No- RM4522TH (With Titanium Blades) Click Here To Check Price

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This machine from Remington is really light in weight. Plus, its weight gives it better balance so that taking it to hard-to-reach areas becomes less of a hassle. Its lightweight makes it more comfortable to use.


  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Comes with a 4.5 amp motor
  • The blades are 22 inch long
  • Cushioned grip
  • Features a storage scabbard

These specifications that you will probably find appreciated in other, Remington hedge trimmer reviews.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

There are several Remington hedge trimmer reviews present on the internet. However, the ones that are considered most trustable are that of Amazon. There, the reviews were unbelievably positive mostly.

One of the Remington hedge trimmer reviews stated that “It is not a perfect tool but it is quite heavy duty and can perform most of the tasks like a charm. You can cut the hedges easily because of its vertical and horizontal plane cutting capabilities”.

Another Remington hedge trimmer review brought it forward that “it is great for cutting cleanly and quickly. If you don’t want to waste much time carrying and connecting, then this one is your go”.

Some of the Remington hedge trimmer reviews clearly stated that “it is flawless while some of them said it is full of flaws”. One had a problem with the safety switch and said that “it should be updated in the next model”.

Another one said that “you can’t find its replacement parts easily”. Well! The safety switch might be a little troublesome but the parts problem does not exist. You can easily find its parts on Amazon.

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Physical Features

The hedge trimmer is 43 x 11 x 9 inches in size and comes in red and black color only. The size is appropriate for every user and fulfills all the needs there are related to trimming.

You can take out its blade to around 22 inches which is perfect. No one can handle a length for a trimmer more than that.

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Final Verdict

We hope this Remington Hedge Trimmer review pointed out the pros and cons of the device pretty well. If you even have a little doubt about this device then you are not suggested to buy it but trust me it is the handiest hedge trimmer ever made. So, if you want it easy and workable, then do invest your money in this one. Check Out: How to use electric hedge trimmer?

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