Remington 24-inch Hedge Trimmer, Remington RM5124TH Review

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/5 on December 22, 2016

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If you are looking for a great Remington 24-inch hedge trimmer then it’s time to see what the Remington RM5124TH can do for your lawn. This model has titanium blades that cut through more branches.

It also offers a handle with a better grip that gets through more spaces so you can do more with your cutting needs. Explore this model today and see just how effective it is for your requirements.

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Key Features

Titanium Is the Key

An important point of this review of Remington 24-inch hedge trimmer entails the titanium coating on the blades. The dual action blades use titanium to create a more durable design that doesn’t have to be sharpened often.

The blades also move through more surfaces on a 24-inch body. It goes through surfaces up to 3 to 4 inches thick. The cuts from this one are always crisp and clear.Remington 24-inch Hedge Trimmer

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A Great Handle Is Included

It’s easy to use the RM5124TH trimmer when you look at its handle. Try it out at a spot where to buy Remington 24-inch hedge trimmer from and you’ll see that it has a 180-degree rotating handle. It lets you quickly adjust the position of the blades.

This gives you a better cut without having to hold anything in an odd position. It should be easy for you to trim your way through more items when used right.

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  • Cardboard storage scabbard included protecting the blade
  • Long blade uses carefully organized drive to prevent excessive vibrations
  • Cushioned grip helps you hold onto it carefully
  • Cord spot comes with a secure cap to keep an extension cord secure on your trimmer
  • Does not require oil or gas to operate

Use this great option and get the most out of keeping your great landscape looking pristine.

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Customer Reports

A review of top-rated Remington 24-inch hedge trimmer from anyone who has used this will tell you that this model offers a better grip for many cutting needs. It works carefully and cuts well.

It doesn’t hold back when cutting either as it keeps on moving through more items with ease. Any review of Remington 24-inch hedge trimmer will show you that the titanium blades work like a charm.

People have stated that the switch can be tough to use though. The switch doesn’t always respond to the energy that the trimmer takes in. Even with this, the cord attachment setup works with a locking system that keeps anything you add into its body functional. This should be easy to set up and use in any situation.

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Physical Points

The last part of this review to see involves how the Remington 24-inch hedge trimmer is physically built. This uses a body that is about ten pounds in weight. It has a cord attachment on the end part near the handle that doesn’t get in your way as you are trimming.

It also uses a small guard near the blades to keep items from flying into your face while using it. The grip has a slight groove to it as well. This gives you a better grasp of anything you want to do in your yard.

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A Fitting Model

This review proves that the Remington 24-inch hedge trimmer will do well for your demands. It has a strong body and great titanium blades that cut through more items quickly. It’s not too hard to use and hold onto either. You will especially love how this model runs fast and carefully without any problems from vibrations or battery or gas issues when a proper power cord works. Maybe, Remington 24-inch hedge trimmer is the best choice for you! Read Here- Hedge Trimming Tips

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