GreenWorks 40v Hedge Trimmer- Model 22272 G-MAX

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/5 on December 14, 2016

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The GreenWorks 40v hedge trimmer is a simple and sensible option for your trimming needs. This review of GreenWorks hedge trimmer 40v shows that it is a very easy to use the model that is not all that complicated or difficult to use.

It is easy for you to keep this running with a powerful battery and charger as well. Try this for size and you’ll see how easy it is to trim any spot in your yard.

Key Features

A Stronger Blade

Let’s start this review of GreenWorks 40v hedge trimmer by looking at the blade. The blade on this model is the big part of what makes it stand out and is good to see in this review of GreenWorks 40v hedge trimmer. It is a 20-inch steel blade that is made with a 5/8-inch cut capacity.

This takes in more materials at a given time and is not too hard to use. This can also pivot in three different positions. This gives you more control over how you are cutting different items in any situation.GreenWorks 40V Hedge Trimmer GreenWorks 22272 G-MAX

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A Simple Starting Function

Another part to see in this GreenWorks hedge trimmer 40v review involves how you can get it working. Specifically, it is very easy to start up this particular trimmer. You only have to use the 40-volt lithium battery that comes with the GreenWorks G-MAX trimmer.

This starts it up instantly and creates less noise and vibrations than most other models. This powerful function keeps it working well without adding lots of weight. This model weighs a little less than ten pounds so it should not be tough for you to carry it around and use it.

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  • 2AH battery and charger help to keep the trimmer running
  • Extended reach handle allows you to trim at many angles
  • Three positions are used on the pivoting head for better control
  • 20-inch steel blade is evenly designed with clear cutting parts
  • Takes about 60 minutes to charge
  • Runs for up to 50 minutes on a single charge
  • Compatible with many other tools in the G-MAX family of products from GreenWorks

Finally, a trimmer that actually works! This is easy to use and is very affordable for your budget.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

Customer reviews for the GreenWorks 40v hedge trimmer state that this model is very easy to use. They love how it works quickly and is very easy to charge up.

When you read a review of GreenWorks hedge trimmer 40v, you will also see that people like how it is not too hard to use or set up in most cases.

A typical review of Greenworks 40v hedge trimmer will have a complaint that the battery is relatively tough to remove and sometimes won’t go more than thirty minutes on a single charge.

However, customers have also heralded how the pivoting head on the trimmer is very easy to adjust and configure.

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Product Colors, Size & Other Key Features

Don’t forget to look at the body in this GreenWorks hedge trimmer 40v review. This trimmer is made with a light green body and has a red cutting area. It weighs just a little less than ten pounds.

It also has a length of around 45 inches when the cutting blade, the handle, and space for the battery are all considered. The battery charger can also be plugged into a typical wall outlet.

You will be amazed at how well you’ll get your lawn trimmed when you use this great model.

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Final Verdict

This GreenWorks 40v hedge trimmer should have hopefully shown you how great this model is. The GreenWorks hedge trimmer 40v is made to be very easy to use and hold onto. It is quiet and easy to handle and can be quickly adjusted to fit many angles. It’s also easy to charge up. You’ll love working on your lawn with this Greenworks 40v hedge trimmer.

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  1. Greg says:

    I’ve used it about 3 hours and after the 3rd charge of the battery it won’t run at all. Worked great until now. It shows the battery is fully charged, but nothing happens. I’m not quite sure what to do!

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