Earthwise Pole Hedge Trimmer, Earthwise Model CVPH41018 Review

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/5 on December 21, 2016

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The 2 in 1 Earthwise pole hedge trimmer is the best tool for pruning and trimming. People often spend hundreds of dollars each year on yard maintenance but this Earthwise model CVPH41018 hedge trimmer does everything single hand-idly for the user. This Earthwise CVPH41018 review helps people to save their money as well as time.

Important Features

Wide Range of Applicability

This Earthwise pole hedge trimmer extends to a range of over 6 feet and can be adjusted to work in six different positions. Earthwise CVPH41018 pole hedge trimmer allows people to prune different parts and types of plants satisfactorily. People can also convert it into a handheld hedge trimmer with an 18-inch cutting blade with the click of a button.

The functionality of this Earthwise model CVPH41018 electric hedge trimmer does not end here as it comes with a rotating head which can turn through a wide angle (150 degrees) and helps the user to reach and finely trim any part without hassles.

Earthwise Pole Hedge Trimmer, Earthwise Model CVPH41018 Review

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Easy to Use

The Earthwise model CVPH41018 review states that it is quite easy to use. It comes with a lightweight fibreglass pole so that people can hold it easily and steadily for a long duration while carefully pruning their gardens. The total weight of the item is merely 10 pounds.

It can also be adjusted to different positions and converted to handheld or pole configuration without hassles. Since the trimmer is based on a do-it-yourself type of approach, it does not have any tiresome maintenance, assembling or operating sequences and works simply.

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  • It’s environment-friendly
  • No harmful gases or fumes are released
  • It does not create any messes during or after usage
  • Aluminum blade
  • Give better cutting action
  • Provide safety to the user respectively

The Earthwise model CVPH41018 review finds a number of other features as well in Earthwise’s trimmer.

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The Reviews of Earthwise Pole Hedge Trimmer by Customers

Customers can truly tell the feasibility of any product in daily use which makes their opinion quite important before buying any product. Customers have liked this product due to its affordable pricing, easy usage and sturdy built. They also find the accessories quite useful in keeping the trimmer from accidental damages.

A few people may face problems with the friction lock initially as it does not have any positive stops but after using a few times, people are easily able to manoeuvre it. Some reviews of Earthwise pole hedge trimmer claim the extended reach of the trimmer to be 12 feet even though the trimmer is only 6.5 feet long when extended entirely.

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This is because the extended reach is calculated by adding the height of the person (average 5.5 feet) to the length of the trimmer. And practically people can easily cut hedges up to 12 feet tall using this trimmer.

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Product Description

This Earthwise CVPH41018 hedge trimmer is available in green colour only for customers. Its blade size is 18 inches and they have a width of 1 inch. The trimmer can be extended to a length of 6.5 feet and weighs less than 10 pounds with all accessories included.

The customers who have used this product find it ideal and recommend to read others reviews of Earthwise pole hedge trimmer before purchasing this product.

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Overall, this is the best review of Earthwise pole hedge trimmer by people on the internet. The 2 in 1 corded trimmer comes with a wide range of features and helps people to manicure even the hardest to reach spots in their yard. Although being priced affordably, this Earthwise pole hedge trimmer does not compromise on quality and comes with a strong built.

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