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Taller and wider hedges call for a more powerful trimmer with a longer blade. The Black and Decker 24-inch hedge trimmer is the perfect workhorse for such hedges. It comes with a more powerful motor and a longer 24-inch blade. We are here to help customers make informed buy decisions. We perused through every review of Black and Decker hedge trimmer 24-inch on the internet about his trimmer.

Here is why the HH2455 is currently the best hedge trimmer in the market.

Key Features

Strong Extra-Long, 24-inch Precision Dual Action Blades

We stated earlier that the Black and Decker 24-inch hedge trimmer is most appropriate for tall and thicker hedges. It would be difficult to reach the high points of tall hedges with ordinary length blades.

Black & Decker had this in mind, so they designed the HH2455 with extra-long 24-inch blades. To make it more juicer, they incorporated the dual action Precision mechanism to the blade design. This significantly reduces vibrations.

Consider these blades that cut better than any other Hedgehog Trimmer blades on the market.

Black and Decker 24-inch Hedge Trimmer

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Powerful 3.3 Amp Electric Motor

When we say that the HH2455 is a serious trimmer we mean it. It comes with an extra powerful 3.3 Amp Electric Motor. This motor gives its dual blades adequate thrust to cut through branches up to four inches thick.

Black & Decker also included a gear reduction mechanism on the motor for added durability. The manufacturer also mounted the motor in line with the blades for improved balance and control.

This is one of the best motor mechanism in the market currently as one Black and Decker 24-inch hedge trimmer suggests.

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  • Ultra-lightweight design for comfortable trimming.
  • Fast and long dual action precision blades for tall trimming of up to ten feet height.
  • A lock-off safety switch to prevent accidental startup
  • A powerful 3.3 amp motor for Fast and smooth trimming
  • A soft grip handles for comfort. The handle can rotate 180 degrees for better control

Get The HH 2455 Today and Enjoy These and Other Specifications

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Customer Reviews and Scores

Customer reviews are an important guide to purchasing decisions. We read through every customer review of Black and Decker 24-inch hedge trimmer on Amazon and analyzed the customer’s feedback regarding the HH2455. Customers in every review of Black and Decker hedge trimmer 24-inch on Amazon had something positive to say about the HH 2455. And one customer found a new use for the trimmer; cutting shrubs. The trimmer has good fluid and even motion in shrubs, the trimmer gives me well-rounded shrubs.

The HH2455 is not without its share of criticisms. A review of Black and Decker 24-inch hedge trimmer on Amazon stated that the motor is a little underpowered. The 3.3 amp motor is a little overwhelmed by the 24-inch long blade. For good results, you just have to let the trimmer do the work without pressuring it.

Customers were positive in every review Black and Decker 24 inch hedge trimmer. We thus strongly recommend the HH2455 for you.

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Product Properties

The HH2455 weighs only 6.5 pounds. It has dimensions of 6.2 x7.31 x 45.13 inches. The motor on this trimmer is set to operate on 120-volt A.C current. You get a two-year warranty with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Customers in every review of Black and Decker 24-inch hedge trimmer on Amazon stated that they liked this extended warranty period.

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The Black and Decker hedge trimmer 24-inch HH2455 is your best shot for those overgrown hedges. A customer review of Black and Decker 24-inch hedge trimmer on Amazon would not lie. Since customers have expressed confidence in this trimmer, then get yours today.

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