Black and Decker 20v Hedge Trimmer, Model- LPHT120

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/5 on December 21, 2016

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The review of Black and Decker 20v hedge trimmer is all about the Black and Decker LPHT120, an 18-inch model that is easy to prepare and use.

It offers a smart design that is carefully organized and easy to trim with. It offers more power than many other models on the market too.

It’s easy to trim your landscape with the Black and Decker hedge trimmer 20v.

Key Features

Smooth With Less Vibration

The 18-inch dual-action blades are made with a track that moves them along quickly as the trimmer is active. This keeps the blades capable of cutting through more surfaces. It also keeps vibrations down by about 40 percent below the average amount of vibration caused by a trimmer.

It should be very easy to hold onto this model when you use it right. It stands out from other options at a place where to buy Black and Decker 20v Hedge Trimmer products from.

It’s Important to Know How to Use Hedge Trimmer?
Black and Decker 20v Hedge Trimmer

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A Better Battery

This top-rated Black and Decker 20v Hedge Trimmer uses a 20-volt MAX battery. It can be quickly applied to the back part of the trimmer. This also charges up quickly and is not at risk of losing its memory or of discharging all that much when not in use.

This part of the review of Black and Decker 20v hedge trimmer is important as a battery must be easy to set up and effective for the trimmer to even work. It is a standout at any place where to buy Black and Decker 20v hedge trimmer at as it makes for an easy to charge item.

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  • Features a usable length of about 6.5 feet to get to more spots in your landscape
  • Cuts up to 7/16-inches thick
  • Lock-off switch helps to keep the unit from starting up when active
  • Pivoting head goes in a 180-degree motion and uses five positions for an easier reach
  • Lightweight body is easy to carry

Try this option if you need help with getting your landscape to look great.

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Customer Reviews of Black and Decker 20v Hedge Trimmer

When looking at a review of  Black and Decker 20v hedge trimmer, it helps to look at customer reviews of the product too. Customer reviews have found that the LPHT120 from Black and Decker 20 volt hedge trimmer is easy to handle and adjust. It uses a sensible pivoting head to help with moving into some tight spaces.

Customers aren’t happy with how a majority of the weight on this goes towards the head. This makes it harder to handle and grip in some cases. Still, it is less than ten pounds in weight so it will not bear with far too much pressure on the user as it is active.

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Product Colors and Features

The Black and Decker hedge trimmer 20v weighs about 7.7 pounds and comes with an adjustable head and length feature. This uses a simple series of locks to keep it in its place while in use.

A review of Black and Decker hedge trimmer 20v also shows that it has a carefully organized grip that is contoured to give you a better fit.

This all comes with a black and orange body that helps you see the trimmer against whatever you are cutting.

This is more than just a pretty face on the trimmer market. It’s also a trimmer that works quickly and effortlessly.

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The Black and Decker 20-volt hedge trimmer will help you out with getting many spots in your yard or landscape trimmed right the first time around. Consider this option in this Black and Decker 20v hedge trimmer the next time you need help with something that gets all the tough spots in your landscape cut.

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